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July 11

Tenant Associations and Election Engagement!

Thank you to everyone who joined Monday's (7/11) Our Homes, Our Votes webinar: Tenant Associations and Election Engagement!

Abby Ng, policy and communications coordinator at Tenants & Neighbors, and Genesis Aquino, executive director at Tenants & Neighbors, discussed voter engagement and tenant organizing in New York. Abby and Genesis emphasized the importance of movement-building, mobilizing tenants to lead election efforts in their own buildings, and educating voters about the impact of elections on their lives. They shared their strategies for targeting registered voters who have not historically voted in primary elections and creating opportunities for tenants to engage directly with candidates. Sarah Saadian, senior vice president for public policy and field organizing at NLIHC, provided an update on provisions to increase civic engagement among HUD tenants included in the U.S. House of Representatives’ proposed FY23 spending bill. Sidney Betancourt, housing advocacy organizer at NLIHC, shared information about the upcoming edition of Tenant Talk magazine, which will focus on voter and candidate engagement.

Resources Shared on the Webinar

  • Courtney Cooperman, NLIHC

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