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May 31

Voter Registration Messaging, Events, and Door-to-Door Canvassing!

Thank you to everyone who joined Tuesday's (5/31) Our Homes, Our Votes webinar: Voter Registration Messaging, Events, and Door-to-Door Canvassing!

The fifth Our Homes, Our Votes: 2022 webinar discussed the importance of voter registration, the challenges that individuals face when registering and updating their voter registrations, the role of federally funded housing programs in voter registration, and the tactics that organizations can use to boost voter registration rates and provide information to voters in their communities.

Laura Williamson, associate director of policy and research for democracy reform at Demos, discussed the nuances of some obstacles to voter registration that low-income communities face, such as voter ID requirements, time constraints, and voter purges. Her presentation also touched on President Biden's March 2021 Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting, which directs federal agencies to create plans that will connect the people that they serve with voter registration and education opportunities.

Emma Steelman, president of Vote Huntsville, and Tia Turner, president of Love Huntsville, shared the story of the founding of Vote Huntsville, which provides election information, promotes voter engagement, and combats voter suppression in Huntsville, Alabama. Vote Huntsville’s sister organization, Love Huntsville, advocates for policies that support low-income renters and people experiencing homelessness. Their presentation highlighted Vote Huntsville’s impact during the 2020 election cycle through strategies of canvassing, absentee ballot assistance, hotline service calls, rides to the polls, and more. They also discussed the importance of empowering others to organize and its impact on policy solutions.

Resources Shared on the Webinar

Laura Williamson, Demos

Emma Steelman, Vote Huntsville, and Tia Turner, Love Huntsville

Courtney Cooperman, NLIHC

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