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Join Advocates Nationwide to Register Voters on National Voter Registration Day!

Politicians pay attention to who votes, and their policy decisions favor those who do. Housing advocates must build a base of renters who will demand affordable housing solutions from their elected officials! Expanding voter registration among low income renters and their allies is the first step to reducing the disparities in election-day turnout between renters and homeowners and between low income people and those with higher incomes.

Affordable Homes Are Built with Ballots!

With voter registration deadlines rapidly approaching in many states, time is running out to build a pool of eligible voters to mobilize on Election Day. National Voter Registration Day is promoting and coordinating community efforts to register voters through tabling, door-knocking, and promoting online registration tools. Participating is as easy as punching in your zip code and finding registration events near you.

In many communities, homeless service agencies and housing organizations are conducting coordinated efforts today to boost voter registration. For example, Humility Homes and Services in Davenport, Iowa, is organizing with other homeless service providers to support “Our Voice, Our Vote, YOU Matter!” The nonpartisan event is a joint effort with Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz and Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney. The event, which will feature a holiday atmosphere to celebrate the power of the vote, will prioritize the registration low income people.

For more information about how nonprofits can engage in nonpartisan voter engagement, visit:

Thank you for your advocacy and organizing!

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