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Things You Need To Know: 

Before You Start

1. Primary Date:

June 30

2. Presidential Primary Date:

March 3

3. Polling Times:


7 a.m. to 8 p.m

4. Is Early Voting Available:


Yes, 14 days ahead

5. Can I Vote by Mail:

Yes, You can register here.

6. ID Needed for Voting:


In order to vote in Utah you need a valid voter ID.

  • A current, valid Utah driver's license

  • A current, valid ID card issued by the state or a branch, department, or agency of the United States

  • A current, valid Utah permit to carry a concealed weapon

  • A current, valid US passport

  • A valid tribal ID card, whether or not the card includes a photo of the voter

provide two forms of the following:

  • A current utility bill or copy dated within 90 days before the election

  • A bank or other financial account statement, or a copy

  • A certified birth certificate

  • A valid Social Security card

  • A check issued by the state or federal government or a copy

  • A current, valid Utah hunting or fishing license

  • A paycheck from the voter's employer, or a copy

  • A current, valid US military ID card

  • Certified naturalization documents (not a green card)

  • A certified copy of court records showing the voter's adoption or name change

  • A bureau of Indian Affairs card

  • A tribal treaty card

  • A valid Medicaid or Medicare or Electronic Benefits Transfer card

  • A current, valid ID card issued by a local government within the state

  • A current, valid ID card issued by an employer

  • A current, valid ID card issued by a college, university, technical school or professional school within the state

  • A current Utah vehicle registration

2019 Utah

Housing Profile

A one-page snapshot of the information advocates need to make the case for socially just housing policy.


Congressional Profile

The profile pulls from a variety of sources and illuminates several dimensions of housing affordability for renter households in each district, the surrounding area, and the state.

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