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Housing and homelessness ballot measures

"Voters Choose Housing: A Summary of Housing and Homelessness Ballot Measures in the November 2022 Elections" describes and analyzes nearly 100 state and local ballot measures from the November 2022 elections. Overall, housing and homelessness ballot measures were overwhelmingly successful, with voters approving substantial new resources for affordable homes, establishing and strengthening tenant protections, and reforming zoning laws to facilitate housing development. The report also contains five case studies from communities in California, New York, Florida, and Colorado, providing a glimpse into the inner workings of ballot measure campaigns, successful organizing tactics, and key lessons learned. 

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"Housing on the Ballot: How to Organize a Successful Ballot Measure Campaign for Affordable Homes" reviews best practices for launching campaigns, building coalitions, communicating about ballot measures, and elevating the leadership of directly impacted communities. In addition to summarizing significant ballot measures related to housing and homelessness from the 2020 and 2021 election cycles, the report provides case studies from three cities where housing advocates recently achieved significant victories at the ballot box – Philadelphia, PA; St. Paul, MN; and Denver, CO – to offer deeper insights into proven strategies for organizing winning campaigns.

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This report summarizes key housing ballot measures from the 2018 midterm elections, including ballot measures to expand resources for affordable housing and to strengthen tenant protections. It contains a chart that summarizes the purpose of each ballot measure and its outcome. 

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WEBInar mini-series: Housing is built with ballots

In October 2023, Our Homes, Our Votes held a webinar mini-series to highlight the momentum around housing-related ballot measures in the 2022 and 2023 election cycles, as well as the campaigns already underway for 2024. 
The first webinar in the series, "Housing is Built with Ballots: A Year of Ballot Measure Victories in Review," provided an overview of housing policy wins achieved at the ballot box in recent elections. The presentation slides can be found here.
The second webinar in the series, "Housing is Built with Ballots: Organizing to Win Affordable Homes at the Ballot Box," delved deeper into effective organizing tactics and previewed some ballot measure campaigns underway for 2024. The presentation slides can be found here.

tracking ballot measures in odd-numbered years

Regardless of whether there is a high-profile contest at the top of the ticket, Our Homes, Our Votes monitors and celebrates wins for affordable housing at the ballot box. Here is a snapshot of our coverage of ballot measures in 2021 and 2023 municipal elections: 



Ballot measures provide voters the opportunity to weigh in directly on policy issues. Organizers and elected officials have increasingly turned to ballot measures as a pathway to enact housing solutions. Each year, the Our Homes, Our Votes campaign tracks ballot measures related to housing and homelessness. The campaign also provides toolkits and educational webinars to support organizers as they get started on their campaigns. 

If you are working on a housing-related ballot measure, please email so we can amplify your work and include your ballot measure in our research. 


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