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Forming Partnerships in your community

June 3 - Session 4

Forming partnerships in your community

Selene Gomez, national outreach director of VoteRiders, shared resources available to support voter ID assistance, including partnerships to conduct voter ID clinics, a bilingual voter ID helpline, and complimentary voter ID information cards for nonprofit organizations. Marcos Damian-Noyola, senior partnerships manager at VOT-ER, discussed the intersections between voting and health, noting that states with the greatest access to the ballot also have the best health outcomes. He presented on opportunities to get involved with VOT-ER and harness VOT-ER tools for successful nonpartisan voter engagement initiatives. Hillary Poudeu Tchokothe, Our Homes, Our Votes intern and co-president of Turn Up Turnout at the University of Michigan, shared about her organization's coalition-building that brings together diverse entities across campus to promote student voter turnout. Courtney Cooperman, project manager of Our Homes, Our Votes, reviewed ways to get involved beyond the webinar series and shared the campaign’s brand-new bilingual voter pledge cards.

The following links were shared on the call:

View the recording and download the presentation slides below.

The saved chat can be found here and the webinar transcript can be found here.

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