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tools to help make your

voter & Candidate engagement activities a success

voter & candidate engagement toolkit

Voter and candidate engagement tools.

registering voters

Guidance and templates for nonpartisan voter registration.

candidate engagement

Nonpartisan resources to elevate housing as a top priority for candidates.

media toolkit

Sample op-eds, social media content, and other materials.


Prepare voters in your community to cast their ballots with confidence.

tenant leader resources

Tips and tools for tenant leaders to get out the vote.

ballot measures

Learn about housing policy solutions enacted directly at the ballot box.

mobilizing voters

All the resources you need for an effective get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign.


Archive of OHOVotes webinars from past election cycles.

HUD & USICH guidance

Federal agency resources to inform nonpartisan election work.

Graphics &


Logos, social media images, artwork for posters, stickers, buttons, and more. 

Essential Election Partners

Free online resources to help strengthen your organizing.

Housing Providers Council

A space to build a massive voting block of informed, mobilized renters. 


Reach out to your elected officials in support of legislation that would facilitate voter registration for low-income renters and reduce barriers to voting.

Become An Affiliate

Use the logos, get some swag, and participate in strategy discussions.

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