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Resources to Plan Your Campaign

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Our Homes, Our Votes Engagement Plan

This template includes fillable checklists and tips for your organization to plan a comprehensive, nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement campaign.

Creating Your Workplan: Just the Basics

This worksheet is intended to provide initial guidance for brainstorming your nonpartisan election workplan. More detailed guidance can be found in the Our Homes, Our Votes Engagement Plan. 


Voter Registration

What is our capacity to directly reach potential voters? Will our staff/volunteers register voters?


Which of our members/coalition partners are trusted messengers that can effectively register low-income renters and people experiencing homelessness? How can we strengthen their capacity to do so?



What activities will we organize directly? Which will we encourage our members/partners to pursue? 

Sharing resources about voter registration on email lists and social media.  _______________

Adding voter registration to day-to-day in-person interactions (client intake, move-in, etc.) ________

Hosting designated voter registration events. __________________

Providing voter registration at existing events (community gatherings, resource fairs, etc.) ________

Organizing a door-to-door voter registration campaign.  __________________

Organizing a phonebanking/textbanking campaign.  __________________




Voter Education

What information will we communicate to our network?

Voter ID requirements and other voting rules

Locations and hours of polling places, including early voting and vote-by-mail options

Know your rights and voter protection resources

What to expect on the ballot

Candidate positions on housing and homelessness issues

How to become poll workers


Through what channels will we share this information? Some options include: print or online voter guides, presentations at events, emails and social media, canvassing, and phonebanking/textbanking.




How will we encourage our members/partners to share with their own networks?





Voter Mobilization (Get Out the Vote!) 

How will we keep track of new registrations and follow up with newly registered voters?


Which of these activities will we pursue? Which will we encourage our members/partners to pursue?

Distributing voter pledge cards _______________

Providing information about early voting and vote-by-mail __________________

Phonebanking/textbanking with reminders to vote __________________

Door-to-door canvassing __________________

Hosting a ballot drop box onsite __________________

Hosting a polling place onsite __________________

Organizing transportation or community walks to the polls __________________

Hosting a nonpartisan post-election celebration of voting __________________




Candidate Engagement 


Will we engage with candidates at the local, state, and/or federal levels?

Which of the following candidate engagement opportunities will we pursue?

Creating, sending out, and publishing the results of candidate questionnaires

Hosting candidate forums, town halls, or debates

Inviting candidates to site visits

Partnering with other organizations to co-host forums or debates

Preparing renters to ask questions at candidate events


Ballot Measure Advocacy 


Do we expect ballot measures relating to housing and homelessness in our state/municipalities?



Will we take a leadership role in these campaigns, or join as coalition supporters?




Will we educate our constituency about ballot measures and their impact?  



Next Steps 

How do our goals/aspirations align with our current capacity?




What can we do to build out our capacity?



What additional information/resources do we need to develop our plans?

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