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Tenant leaders and nonpartisan voter engagement

Tenant leaders are trusted messengers who are well-equipped to encourage voter participation in their communities. Outreach from neighbors, friends, and family members can help voters overcome hesitancy about the political process and navigate the logistics of voting. At the same time, low-income renters--and especially renters of color--face disproportionate barriers to participating in the political process, and are often targeted by intentional voter suppression tactics. Renters may also be justifiably skeptical that the outcome of elections will have an impact on their lives, as past elections have failed to produce meaningful change. Tenant organizers should acknowledge and validate these sentiments, while highlighting that empowering low-income renters as a voting bloc has the potential to change the political calculus and make demands of elected officials more effectively.


This collection of Tenant Talk publications and webinars provides guidance on nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement geared towards tenant leaders. 

resources for tenant leaders

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This installment of Tenant Talk Live (August 1, 2022) focuses on voter mobilization strategies among low-income renters.

This installment of the Our Homes, Our Votes: 2022 webinar series, "Tenant Associations and Election Engagement," (July 11, 2022), discusses ways that tenant associations can register and mobilize voters in their communities.

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