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Senator Bernie sanders
On affordable Housing

**No Longer a Presidential candidate as of 4/8/2020**

"The lack of affordable housing is one of the great crises facing this country and localities should have the freedom to protect residents of their communities from the high cost of housing.” Quoted from VICE NEWS


  • U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-VT) released his "Housing for All" plan to address the affordable housing crisis. 

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for the expansion of affordable housing options in a CNN op-ed. Learn more here



A Conversation with Sen. Bernie Sanders on Affordable Housing

As presidential candidates are turning their attention to our region, California issues like housing and homelessness are coming to the fore.

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10:11 AM - 26 Jun 2019

We need a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights, and that includes a right to decent housing.

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Affordable Housing Town Hall with Bernie

"Every American should have a fundamental right to affordable housing." Senator Bernie Sanders was at a live event in California and spoke about many issues concerning affordable housing.

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10:47 AM - 2 Mar 2019

.@BernieSanders talking about affordable housing and ending urban gentrification. #Bernie2020