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June 27

The Role of Housing Providers in Registering and Mobilizing Voters!

Thank you to everyone who joined Monday's (6/27) Our Homes, Our Votes webinar: The Role of Housing Providers in Registering and Mobilizing Voters!

Many owners and operators of affordable housing are committed to supporting resident civic engagement. The most recent Our Homes, Our Votes webinar explored how housing providers can make it easier for their residents to register and vote. The webinar also featured a special presentation on Vote Early Day and opportunities for involvement with the nonpartisan Civic Holidays. 

Gretchen Coleman, partner support specialist at Vote Early Day, gave an introduction to Vote Early Day and the benefits of voting early. She reviewed specific voter mobilization ideas for housing advocates and the wide range of support that Vote Early Day can provide to its partners. 

Andrew Foley, associate director of development at Jonathan Rose Companies, discussed Jonathan Rose's commitment to civic engagement and efforts to increase voter turnout in their communities. He shared effective strategies, including the incorporation of voter registration into lease-up and income recertification, and plans to build upon this work for the 2022 election cycle. 

Gregory Ford, director of program development and implementation at Beacon Communities, presented on Beacon Communities' partnerships with law schools to resolve residents' civil and legal matters, including voting rights restoration for returning citizens, and onsite programming with the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Gregory discussed how law students build trust with residents and ensure that they know their rights when confronted with voter intimidation.

Resources Shared on the Webinar

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