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Session 4
Voter Registration Part 1 – Messaging, events, and canvassing
Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 3:00PM ET


The first step in expanding voter participation among low income voters is to ensure our target audience is registered. This discussion provides a review of effective messaging that increases voter registration and more specifically some tips on how to overcome voter apathy that is so common in low income communities. This session will also include voter registration at gatherings such as hosting successful events for large-scale registration or tabling at broader community events. We will also explore door-to-door canvassing operations as a best approach to find register new voters in buildings and neighborhoods with low registration rates.

Content Outline:
  • Review of Our Homes, Our Votes: 2020

  • Presidential Candidate Engagement Update​

  • Overcoming voter apathy

  • Voter registration events

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