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Session 8
Educating voters
Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 3:00PM ET


A registered voter is most valuable as an informed voter. Voter education is the 2nd step in a complete voter engagement campaign. Educating voters on how to vote is key, and providing logisitics information on polling locations and dates is key. There are specific considerations for electronic voting machines and ID requirements that voters must be aware of. Educating voters on their rights is also essential. This discussion will dive into information regarding provisional ballots and voter intimidation hotlines. Beyond logistics, voters often should be informed on the positions of candidates. Assembling and distributing a voter guide can be cumbersome and legally tricky, but highly effective. Presenters will explore best practices.

Content Outline:
  • Notes about COVID-19 and the elections

  • Educating Voters

    • How to Vote

    • Rights of Voters

    • Candidate positions

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