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Building the Base: Voter Registration of Low Income
Renters and Their Allies
Originally Aired Tuesday, July 24, 2018


The first step to effective voter engagement is registration. The more voters, the better! Low income renters are registered at dramatically lower rates than higher income households. This disparity must be addressed through active registration campaigns. Attendees will learn key considerations for door-to-door registration drives, voter registration at community events, and working registration into day-to-day operations. Presenters will also discuss registration considerations for people who are homeless and do not have an address.

Content outline:
  • Best messaging

    • Overcoming understandable apathy in low income communities

  • Registration at events

  • Intake registration for service agencies

  • door-to-door registration drives

    • Recruiting and training volunteers

  • Registration in subsidized housing

  • Voter registration in apartment communities with lots of locked buildings

  • Registration for homeless people who do not have an address



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