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The Importance of Voter Lists! A Key Tool for Successful Mobilization
Originally Aired August 2, 2018


In order to mobilize low income renters or conduct a precise registration campaign, it’s important to know where your target community lives, and how to contact them. Developing and maintaining a voter list can be the difference maker. It’s essential for identifying the polling locations of registered voters, knowing when people need to update their registration, and providing an opportunity to contact them to remind them to vote. Voter lists are powerful tools. Learn how housing advocates in California are using voter lists at a high level to support November ballot initiatives.


Content Outline:
  • Review of California efforts

    • Recent and upcoming voter turnout work involving bond initiatives

  • How voters lists can make campaigns more precise

    • The impact voter lists add to registration and turnout efforts

  • Using the National Housing Preservation Database for voter engagement

  • Voter data and privacy​​​

Content Outline:

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