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An Informed Debate: Effectively Engaging Candidates while Remaining Non-Partisan
Originally Aired on August 7, 2018


Elections are a fantastic opportunity to get decision makers thinking about housing issues. Too often, affordable homes are ignored in the public debate leading up to elections. This presentation will provide guidance on candidate forums, town hall meetings, candidate surveys, and candidate fact sheets. Attendees will also hear about best opportunities to invite candidates to interact with residents or community members through meetings and site visits.

Content Outline:
  • Best tips for candidate forums

    • Inviting candidates in a non-partisan manner

    • Building an audience

    • Promising media attention

    • Forming a coalition to host instead of hosting as one organization

  • Site visits

    • Exposing candidates to the lives of renters

    • Providing opportunities for direct interaction with low income people

    • Site visits paired with resident meetings or board meetings

  • Town hall meetings

    • Show up with questions

    • Impacting the discussion by know when to cheer

  • Candidate education letters/fact sheets

    • Provide data to confront likely myths ahead of time

      • For example: misconceptions about low income housing and crime

      • Additional example: confronting the myth of the “missing middle”

  • Candidate questionnaires

    • Providing direct instructions

    • Writing questions in a non-partisan manner

    • Publicizing questionnaire answers

Click here to download the Powerpoint Slides (PDF Format)
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