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Voter Mobilization: Getting Out the Vote!
Originally Aired on Tuesday, August 21; 3:00 PM ET


Registered and informed voters will only make an impact if they turn out to vote. Getting out the vote is no longer just about election day. Learn about the best ways to engage low income renters in communities with early voting or vote-by-mail options. Presenters will also discuss considerations for providing rides to the polls and coordinating election day reminder calls.

Content Outline:
  • Early voting

  • Vote-by-mail

  • Voter protection

    • In-person poll watching

  • Rides to the polls

    • Bring your friends to vote!

    • Knock & drag

  • Reminder calls the night before and day of

  • Election day visibility

  • Election night celebrations

Click here to download the Powerpoint Slides (PDF Format)
You can view the Presentation Recording Below
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