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I Vote for More Affordable Homes! Educating Voters Before Election Day
Originally Aired on August 14, 2018


People vote when they feel informed. Learn how to educate voters in your community about their respective polling locations, times, and ID requirements. Presenters will discuss the usefulness of sample ballots, and educating voters on the offices up for consideration. This discussion will also cover the best ways to provide information about candidates in a non-partisan manner.

Content Outline:
  • Knowing the details on how to vote

    • Educating low-income people on time, location of their respective polling locations

    • Sample ballots

      • Descriptions and examples for how ballots are filled out

      • Descriptions of the various positions that will be on the ballot

      • Descriptions of ballot initiatives

  • Defending against voter suppression

    • Knowing voter ID requirements

    • Provisional ballots

  • Informing Voters on the Issues

    • Putting together voter guides

    • Providing information about candidates

      • Survey responses

      • Directing voters to candidate forums or candidate websites for more information

Click here to download the Powerpoint Slides (PDF Format)
You can view the Presentation Recording Below
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