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Session 14
Election Day! Getting Out The Vote
Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 3:00PM ET


Presenters will review the most effective Election Day tactics such as coordinating rides to the polls, hosting “walk to the polls” groups in low income housing communities with nearby polling locations, using snacks and music to keeping people in line at busy polling locations, and election day visibility volunteers with signs and reminders that prevent people forgetting to vote. The discussion will also explore effective “knock-and-drag” efforts throughout Election Day for identifying who has not yet voted and sending volunteers to their doors.

Content Outline:​
  • Overview of Our Homes, Our Votes

  • Capitol Hill Updates

  • Getting Out the Vote

  • Election Protections

  • Making Sure Every Vote is Counted

Click here to download the PowerPoint Slides (PDF Format)
You can view the Presentation Recording Below
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