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Session 15
After the Vote—Holding Candidates to their Promises
Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 3:00PM ET


Now that the election is over, it’s important to hold candidates to their promises. Learn how to track the success of your voter turnout efforts to demonstrate to newly-elected officials that low income renters are an important active constituency. Presenters will discuss the best ways to constructively remind elected officials of their campaign promises while establishing relationships with new staff members.

Content Outline:​
  • Overview of Our Homes, Our Votes

  • Ballot Victories

  • COVID-19 Response

  • 501c3 Newly Elected Official Engagement

  • A Legislator’s Perspective

  • 501C4 Newly Elected Official Engagement

Click here to download the PowerPoint Slides (PDF Format)
You can view the Presentation Recording Below
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