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Session 7
Getting candidates on the record
Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3:00PM ET


An exploration of the most common methods to get candidates for office on the record with their ideas for housing solutions. Candidate questionnaires and legal considerations will be explored along with tips on maximizing response rate from candidates. Presenters will also discuss effective candidate intercepts and asking questions in town hall meetings. Practices such as providing question cards and training volunteers to attend candidate events are effective and common and will be highlighted. The discussion will feature ideas for social media engagement and conventional media op-eds and Letters To the Editor (LTE) responses as methods to urge candidates to be on the record.

Content Outline:
  • Notes about COVID-19 and the elections

  • Candidate engagement and staying non-partisan

  • Questionnaires and fact sheets

  • Candidate forums

  • Town hall meetings

  • Candidate visits

  • Upcoming topics for webinars and podcasts

Click here to download the PowerPoint Slides (PDF Format)
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