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Voter Registration Deadlines Approach: The Time to Act is Now!

Low income renters register to vote and go to polls at dramatically lower rates than higher income homeowners. This disparity can—and must—be addressed through active nonpartisan voter registration campaigns. The more low income renters and their allies vote, the more likely candidates for elected office will make affordable housing a priority! Voter registration deadlines vary from state to state—and many are coming up soon. To find the voter registration deadlines in your state, click here:

NLIHC’s Our Homes, Our Votes website has tools and resources to help organizations engage in nonpartisan voter registration efforts. The resources walk you through how to fit voter registration into your agency’s regular activities with residents, plan voter registration efforts, and bring voter registration drives into the communities you serve.

Registering to vote is easy and takes just a few minutes—and in some states it can be done online. It is critically important that individuals make sure they are registered at their current address. This best practice for all voters is especially important this year as voter registration laws have changed in some states.

Housing organizations, resident leaders, and all of us can play an important role in making sure everyone gets their voices heard at the polls by helping to register voters. To help someone register to vote, go to:

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