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Webinars Provide Snapshots of Voter Engagement Resources

Our Homes, Our Votes conducted a series of six webinars to provide clear information to assist organizations and leaders hoping to engage low income renters in the upcoming 2018 elections. Showing elected officials that housing is an important election issue will be essential to advancing policies at the federal, state, and local levels. NLIHC partnered with experts in the field of voter engagement to provide the following webinars:

  • Our Homes, Our Votes: An Introduction, and an Exploration of Legal Considerations

  • Building the Base: Voter Registration of Low Income Renters and Their Allies

  • The Importance of Voter Lists! A Key Tool for Successful Mobilization

  • An Informed Debate: Effectively Engaging Candidates while Remaining Non-Partisan

  • I Vote for More Affordable Homes! Educating Voters Before Election Day

  • Voter Mobilization: Getting Out the Vote!

These are tools for you to help build your voter engagement strategy. All of the webinars were recorded and are available at:

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